Predicine Launches PredicineATLAS, a 600-gene Blood-based TMB Panel to Accelerate Immuno-oncology Clinical Trials

Hayward, Calif., April. 30, 2018 — Predicine today announced a 600-gene liquid biopsy panel, PredicineATLAS, to help drug companies accelerate clinical trials and the development of targeted cancer drugs and immunotherapies. The panel is expected to be one of the industry’s largest liquid biopsy panels, covering gene content of major commercially available TMB panels in the immunotherapy space.  It offers the most complete measurement of tumor mutation burden (TMB) and micro-satellite instability (MSI) in circulation to provide insights into immunotherapy response.

Predicine plans to offer a research-use-only version of this 600-gene panel to biopharma and academia through early access program, followed by a CLIA-certified version for its biopharma collaborators.  “PredicineATLAS captures a comprehensive mutational landscape and helps identify patient population that may benefit from cancer immunotherapy as well as target therapy.” said Dr. Shidong Jia, Predicines’s CEO and Founder.

The mutational landscape of cancer genome is constantly evolving. Predicine partners with pharma and cancer institutions to build genotype-phenotype-clinical outcome knowledgebase by sequencing freshly collected matched sample sets (blood, urine and tumor biopsy) for real-world clinical genomics, with the goal to inform and transform clinical drug development. Predicine has now entered into collaboration agreements with several leading pharmaceutical companies to incorporate PredicineATLAS in cancer immunotherapy drug development.

“Predicine’s proprietary ctRNA + ctDNA liquid biopsy assay provides functional biology information;  which is very important in prostate cancer clinical trials, because activities and potential mechanisms of investigational drug can occur at both DNA and RNA levels.” said Dr. Karl Zhou, CMO of Kintor Pharmaceuticals who conducts clinical trials in both US and China. “With PredicineATLAS, we can capture a more complete TMB landscape to enroll the right intent-to-treat populations in clinical trials and identify or monitor patient populations that may benefit from the investigational drugs.”

About Predicine

Predicine is a global precision medicine company committed to advancing personalized cancer care. Predicine developed a breakthrough RNA- and DNA-based liquid biopsy technology for early cancer detection, disease monitoring and assessing minimal residual disease. With its integrated biomarker platform, vast data sets and advanced analytics, Predicine has partnered with 30+ biopharmas to support global clinical trials in US, EU, Australia and China. Predicine operates in US and China. Learn more at


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