Predicine推出PredicineCARE™ NGS试剂盒用于肿瘤分子分析

Predicine Introduces PredicineCARE™ NGS Kit for Tumor Profiling


HAYWARD, Calif., April 05, 2024 /GLOBE NEWSWIRE/ – Predicine, Inc., a leading molecular insights company, announced the release of its innovative PredicineCARE™ NGS Kit. This offering presents a research-use-only (RUO) next-generation sequencing (NGS) kit packaged genomic profiling across various cancers, enabling tumor profiling.

HAYWARD, Calif., April 05, 2024 /GLOBE NEWSWIRE/ ——行业领先的分子诊断公司 Predicine, Inc. 今天宣布推出其创新的PredicineCARE™ NGS试剂盒。这款供研究使用(RUO)的新一代测序(NGS)试剂盒专为各种癌症的基因组分析而设计,为肿瘤分子检测提供了解决方案。


The PredicineCARE™ NGS assay was granted Breakthrough Device Designation (BDD) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on August 23, 2022. This newly introduced PredicineCARE™ NGS kit integrates a comprehensive, state-of-the-art NGS assay capable of detecting point mutations, indels, fusions, amplifications, and deletions in key cancer-associated genes. It harnesses cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from liquid biopsy samples such as blood and urine, along with genomic DNA from FFPE tissues.

PredicineCARE™ NGS检测方法已于2022年8月23日获得美国食品药品监督管理局(FDA)颁发的突破性医疗器械认定(BDD)。新推出的PredicineCARE™ NGS试剂盒整合了全面且先进的NGS检测,能够检测癌症关键基因的点突变(SNV)、插入和缺失(InDel)、融合(Fusion)、扩增(Amplifications)和基因缺失(Gene deletions)。该试剂盒可以检测血液、尿液等液体活检样本中的cell-free DNA(cfDNA),以及FFPE组织样本中的DNA。


“We are delighted to present the PredicineCARE™ NGS Kit specifically tailored to address the evolving needs of pharmaceutical companies and testing laboratories seeking decentralized lab testing options,” said Dr. Shidong Jia, Predicine’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO. “Predicine’s centralized global lab network coupled with the decentralized kitted offering provides a standardized approach to enable tumor profiling on a global scale.”

Predicine创始人、董事长兼首席执行官贾士东博士表示:”我们很高兴推出PredicineCARE™ NGS试剂盒,它专为满足制药公司和检测实验室对去中心化实验室检测选项的日益增长的需求而设计。Predicine的全球中心实验室网络与去中心化试剂盒产品相结合,为肿瘤分子检测提供了标准化的全球解决方案。”


About PredicineCARE™ NGS Kit

The PredicineCARE™ NGS Kit comprises a comprehensive, state-of-the-art NGS assay that interrogates point mutations/indels, fusions, amplifications, and deletions in key cancer-associated genes using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from liquid biopsy samples such as blood and urine, along with genomic DNA from FFPE tissues. The PredicineCARE™ NGS Kit is coupled with sequencing data analysis software.

关于PredicineCARE™ NGS试剂盒

PredicineCARE™ NGS试剂盒整合了全面且先进的NGS检测,利用来自血液和尿液等液体活检样本的cell-free DNA(cfDNA),以及来自FFPE组织的DNA,对癌症关键基因中的点突变/插入缺失、融合、扩增和缺失进行检测。同时,PredicineCARE™ NGS试剂盒还配备了测序数据分析软件。


About Predicine 

Predicine is a leading molecular insights company committed to advancing precision medicine in oncology. Predicine has developed a proprietary cell-free DNA and cell-free RNA-based liquid biopsy technology enabling minimally invasive molecular diagnosis for treatment selection, therapy monitoring, and minimal residual disease and early cancer detection. The Predicine portfolio comprises state-of-the-art blood, urine, and tissue-based Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) assays designed for harmonized global use in research, clinical development, companion diagnostic (CDx) development, and patient testing. With operational hubs in Silicon Valley, Houston, Chicago, and Shanghai, Predicine collaborates with leading biopharma companies, institutions, and governments in personalized healthcare on a global scale. For more information, please visit us on and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter (X).

Predicine 介绍

Predicine是一家行业领先的分子诊断公司,致力于推进肿瘤学领域的精准医疗。我们致力于开发独特的cfDNA+cfRNA 联合液体活检技术,涵盖疾病管理的各个阶段:包括分子诊断、治疗选择、治疗反应评估、微小残留病灶(MRD)监测和早期癌症检测。Predicine 系列产品包括最先进的基于血液、尿液和组织的新一代测序(NGS) 检测方法,用于全球标准一致的临床试验和伴随诊断 (CDx) 开发。在硅谷、休斯顿、芝加哥、上海、北京和苏州设有运营中心。Predicine 与国际顶尖的制药公司、医疗机构和政府合作,在个性化医疗健康领域开展大规模合作。了解更多信息请访问我们的网站, 访问LinkedIn或 Twitter (X)。

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