Predicine and Kintor Pharmaceuticals Collaborate on Precision Oncology Clinical Trials and Companion Diagnostics Development

Predicine, a precision medicine company based in Silicon Valley, announced today that the company has entered into a global strategic partnership with Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals to increase the speed and efficiency of biomarker-driven global clinical trials for Kintor’s novel oncology drugs and the development of companion diagnostics for FDA and CFDA approvals. Kintor will leverage Predicine’s ctRNA + ctDNA liquid biopsy technology, GeneRADAR, and expertise in genomics and molecular information to advance the development of its oncology pipeline.

Kintor’s oncology pipeline focuses on prostate cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer, which are the three major cancers with a high incidence rate in the world. Kintor’s investigational drug, Proxalutamide, is the first to participate in Marketing Authorization Holder in Jiangsu province in China. Proxalutamide is mainly applied in the treatment of prostate cancer and triple negative breast cancer. Over the past two years, Kintor and Predicine have entered into multiple collaborations to support Proxalutamide clinical trials (Ph1, Ph2, Ph3) in prostate cancer and breast cancer in China and the U.S.

About Predicine

Predicine specializes in genomic profiling assays and is dedicated to transforming patient care and clinical drug development. Predicine has developed “GeneRADAR”, the industry’s first ctRNA+ctDNA liquid biopsy test, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the molecular changes in cancer. Predicine initiated “Predi-Trial” to accelerate global clinical trials through biomarker-driven precision enrollment. GeneRADAR technology and its biomarker database identifies the molecular alterations in a patient’s cancer and matches the patient with relevant targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trials. Through its CLIA laboratory in Hayward, CA and facility in Shanghai, Predicine partners with biopharmaceutical companies to support global clinical trials in China, U.S., Europe, APAC and Australia.

About Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals

Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biotech company dedicated to developing innovative therapeutics. Its R&D pipeline includes new generation of inhibitors of androgen receptor, PI3K/mTOR kinase targeted inhibitors, CETP inhibitors for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, JAK2 kinase targeting for the treatment of arthritis and FGFR/EGFR double-targeting kinase inhibitors for the treatment of various solid tumors such as liver cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer.


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